Pagan Band Head of the Almont

In this year Othon Kin-killer slew his brother, the more peaceable minded leader of the Thunderers. At the Almont Ceremony on Midsummer he took command of the Riders and all pagans now follow the Thunderer banner. He has sent word that the Riders Portion has increased; no longer may we be content with a tenth of the harvest, but rather must yield a fifth of all we sew to the pagan lords that claim us in their dominion.

Woe to the Freehold. Abbot Azh-or has died and he will be sorely missed. His guidance in the Council of Elders at Freehold was much needed. We have no one of sufficient wisdom to replace him. The Freehold may ask again for help from Beth El, but I fear the cost.

The Thunderers are ruled by the vicious Othon Kin-killer, a known sorcerer, who murdered his brother Magnul Longhair at the very opening of the Almont celebration. He terrorized the pagan priesthood at Almont into proclaiming him Headman of the pagan warbands and Lord of all Riders. Their banners bear three bolts of lightning on black and they are known by the booming cackle of their mounts which have a distinctive sound.

Freehold lies in Othon’s claimed dominion, meaning when Riders come to collect their Portion, they are Thunderers.

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