Freehold, True Strain Settlement Government: Town Council and Mayor Edmond

We have come, with our inks and pens, from the north. The pagans are now strong enough to threaten the settlements along the rivers and the mountains, and there is no hiding from them. They use the ancient roads for their fire-breathing beasts and drive us all before them. In this year, Aless was made Lady of Freehold. A great battle was fought at Wikatuk. Many died. The Flower Folk did not send us aid, and Lady Aless believes they may have slain good folk.

In this year, we established the Freehold Library. May God Bless the Freehold, and God Save Meriga.

Freehold was founded in the year 203 by the now-legendary Aless of Nework. The flight of the Free Folk to escape pagan taxation ended with the Battle of Wikatuk and the slaughter of the pagan warlord Jahn One-Eye and his men. Ten of the pagan steeds were captured and destroyed, buried in a great grave north of the town known as Bonefields.

The largest and most important building in Freehold is the restored Public Library, which hosts a number of sleeth who live there year round, tend to it, and serve as educators for most of the town. These sleethen priests are highly respected by the Town Elders and are often consulted on matters concerning the town’s wellbeing.

Freehold and the Knights of Beth El have a tenuous relationship; the Knights consider the town’s sleeth to be abominations and despise the fact that Freehold protects them. Nevertheless, when the town is in danger, the knights have come to its aid in the recent past.

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