Beth El

Knights of Purity Stronghold Governance: Chapter Master Andru van Arden


The Knights of Genetic Purity have strong ties to the Tristat and Jersi Regions, and seek to move ever northward into Ningland; their agents reach as far as Baal’s Stone. Their northernmost keep and the hard nodule of power that keeps them in Ningland is the fortress at Beth El, a massive complex built from stone that houses hundreds of secrets from before the Fall and serves as a weapons stockpile for Knightly units ranging across the north.

The Knights despise the pagans, who ride with mutants and freely breed with them. Indeed, their current leader Othon is said to be a mutant or a sorcerer himself, something the Knights cannot abide. To this end they are willing to make uneasy alliances with otherwise impure settlements. It is from Beth El that agents of the Purity range to find the Pure Strain communities with which to keep contact in the north, and from there too the Knights frequently make inroads against the pagans.

However, Chapter Master Andru knows that where the pagans to unite against the fortress, they would be swept from the face of the earth. To this end, the Knights operate under a constant siege mentality, stingily doling out their aid when they can afford it and denying it all else. They play the regional powers against each other with more or less adept hand, but have yet failed to unseat the powerful pagan warbands that rule Jersi or extend their rule to the more peaceful lands of Seatee, the Shires, or Rhodes.

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Beth El

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